Happy Me 5363


I want you to know about a journey that I started about 3 years ago, I had no idea where it was going to lead me or how it was going to turn our. But that did not bother me as much as completing it. See I was a great procrastinator and was wondering why everyone was succeeding and not me. Well what I learned was if you don’t put in the work, you won’t reap the benefits. So I decided if I could just finish on thing I started how grand would my life be if I just could be consistency and complete one goal. Well on June 20, 2020 I did finally started and completed my very first book titled 100 Letters to God: My Christian Journey in Jesus Christ. If I could only explain the joy I felt when I finally saw my book in my hand, but I can not because it was something you have to experience for yourself. So today all I say if you have a dream do not sit on it make it a reality and watch the joy you will feel too.

Happy Me 5763

You can not quit now.

Your dream has to be as far as the sky, because you have to reach further and further, you must put in the work, you can not quit now. You are so close that you just can not even imagine just how close you are. You dreams are in reach but what are willing to do to succeed. You must have something in mind that you want to accomplish, so stop dreaming and start working because you can not quit now, while others are reaching what are you doing? I want you to reach like never before and grab that dream. Because you can not quit now you are just that close.




Writing is a passion that relieves me from all that I hold inside. It frees my mind and soul. I am able to express myself in ways I can not explain, what my mind goes through once I became to write. I said maybe you are expressing yourself so boldly and people will judge you. But what I realize what I write about is what many of you won’t face. So you keep it bottle up inside and the truth is never relieved. So what I do is write for you because our situation are almost alike the biggest problem we have is our we handle them. So writing has become my escape route which I take everyday to set myself free.

Happy Me 5763

Good Evening

Good evening everyone pray your day went will and that we pray for our president and not add any negativity to a bad situation. It can be any of us at anytime so please send good vibes his way and let the The Lord handle the rest. With that being said my evening has turned into a very busy one trying to get a few things done and now that my blog is up, I am working on my website. Determined to do better for myself by pushing on everyday until something happens. let’s remember WE ARE IN TOGETHER IT IS NOT ABOUT SKIN COLOR IT’S ABOUT THE HUMAN RACE AND UNITED STATES needs to be united at this time. Sending my prayers and love to all. Good Night and God bless you all.

I will not, I can not quit

Happy Me 5763

If I write a million blogs and only one person respond I will not and can not quit.

If I publish 100 books and only one person respond I will not and can not quit.

If no one appreciate me I will not and can not quit.

I f I have to do it over a million times to get it right I will not and can not quit.

If I plan to complete my goal in 1 year and it takes 3 years I will not and can not quit.

If I find myself feeling sorry because my goal is not met I will not and can not quit.

If the goal for my finances is not met I will not and can not quit.

If the doors of opportunity is not there when I need it, I will not and can not quit.

Why because quitting means I don’t believe in myself to make my dreams come true and I know with hard work and persistence I can and will accomplish my dream. Because all I need is to believe in my and what I am and who I can be.

I will not quit, I can not quit because I am somebody and I am a child of God. I am Michelle D. Reed-Fitz and I will not and can not quit.

Good Night

Happy Me 5763

Our day has turned into night, it is the time to settle down and relax from our busy day. There is so much noise in the world today that we forget to just take time to relax the mind.

So before you head to bed just take a few moments and enjoy the peace and quiet that God has provided for us. I know the situation our country is in it is hard to find a peace of mind but we really have to find at any opportunity that we can. Because once the mind is relax so the rest of the body will relax and prepare for the whatever lies ahead. Goodnight. I love you and so does God. Trust in Him it will get better.

Reach for the stars

Happy Me 5763

Reaching for the stars, I never understood that concept until I made my dream a reality. And now I know whatever I want to accomplish is within my reach. To reach for the stars mean to stretch yourself to the highest that you possible can be. Look at how beautiful those stars are that hang from the sky. That is why I am pushing myself to reach for the stars because this is my only limitations I will ever place on me. I may not reach the stars but I will not stop reaching

Happy Me 5763

I Missed You All:

I really missed you guys.

I know it has been awhile since I had made a blog but I was busy handle life. I have to realize that life has so many compartments and you just have to put them in order. But that is the challenge that I love about my life. Putting everything in order and working at each piece at the same time. It is something I had to wait at this age to figure what life means to me but that is okay, I am good with it. So here are a few things I have been dealing with, one working on my nest project, to packing to move into my HOME, three painting my new Home and preparing it for the holidays, spending a little time with family, and trying to give my husband a little more attention because I am busy as a bee and will be until the first of November hope to have everything done except my second project. Because I really want to decorate for the holidays. But with all that said I want you all to know I have not forgotten about you all and love you just as much as I have missed you. I pray my next break won’t be this long again. God loves you and so do I and there is nothing you guys can do.

Happy Me 5763

You Are Not Alone:

I want to let you know about a young lady who felt nothing for herself, she always tried to live other people lives. She was an empty shell walking around life pretending because it made her feel good. There was no emotions and to consider herself special and unique was out of her head. She never took the time to realize what special person she really was up until now. It all started with a book, yes a book. She did not just wrote a book but she found herself. The beauty that was deep in her, the self-esteem that had been crying for relief for years, the talent that she buried so deep in her finally showed up. Now how can you asked what took this lady so long to find herself? I will answer that for you because that girl is me. I lost who I could be many years ago, and I struggle to get to this point until I realized one thing if you have a dream, believe in it, and if you believe in it you can build it and that is how I found myself, I had to believe in me first before I could become me. Will end it here next blog coming soon.