The Mirror:

The mirror it is good to check and see how one looks and that everything is in order, but have you have see it as a self-examination or a way to check or your life progress. A mirror is a way to look at your progress of yourself, what needs improving or where you have grown in life. Really take time to see yourself in the mirror, don’t just look in it and walk away. Take the lesson of what you see in that moment and carry it with you when you leave. Growth does not start just by a glance; you really need to see who you are when you walk away. Love Ya’ll.



It is some amazing that UNIQUE would start with a “U”, have you ever given it any thought. That you are unique and no one can duplicate you, you see things in a different light, comprehend life different, what I might not like you make love. I love being unique because it means I stand out from everyone else, my characters is strong and bold, my attitude is brilliant and upholding, my look is life is astonishing. My uniqueness shows when I view something one way and someone sees it differently, in others words my mind stands out in certain circumstances. What is your uniqueness? Or what makes you unique. Love Ya’ll.



I know we are all different we come in many shades, share different values, love differently, teach differently, and live different; I could go on and on about us being different. But because we are different does not mean we can not make a difference to someone else, in a world that is full of so much negativity why can’t we come together to make a difference in someone life. We can start by doing the simple things in life, like telling someone, have a good day, or ask is there anything I can do for you? Perhaps we can pay for someone’s grocery, or buy them a tank of gas. I was always told that the simple things done in life can go a far way and have a lasting memory. Let’s start by not talking about the negativity and spread more joy and happiness throughout the day. Remember a small change can make a big difference in a sadden world. Come on everyone let’s get together and make a big difference in this world we live in by starting with the small stuff. I love you all so dearly and that is why I end my blogs with love ya’ll. Love yall.



Our blankets have so many uses, we swaddle our babies with them, on a cold day we chose a throw blanket instead of grabbing a comforter, when the winter comes in we prefer a goose down blanket for the extra warmth, or during our summer months we prefer a lighter spread, and if you have a pet to try that favorite blanket to keep him warm also. But we never think of, is that some of these blankets we have can be either too hot, too thin, not quiet the right fit, we get under them then we get from under them, our minds just don’t know what to do with these blankets. But have you every compare your favorite blanket to some of your life situations? Well, I guess I will start, the blanket I have on my bed now is how I see myself. It is brown and black with a special warmth to it, it is not to heavy or to light, it is just right for this season, so it will remain on my bed for a minute, and that is how my life is right now it is okay nothing heavy on my mind. My blanket offers me a since of security when I am under it and that is how my blanket fits in my life right I have a sense of security something I have not felt in a long time. What does your blanket say about you? leave me a comment don’t be shy. Love Ya’ll



Today I am happy because of the simple things I have in life, the little things that make me smile, family, a good home, food to eat and lights to turn on. I am happy because I know what it means to be down and out, having that feeling of hopelessness, when the world seem so dark and weary. God has done some amazing things in my life and brought me through so much more. So, I find my happiness in knowing that through ever storm, God has a silver lining, and with knowing this I can be happy and smile today, when just 2 years ago my smile was truly turned upside down, and thanking God for bringing me through; this is my reason for this happiness I am feeling today. Praise the Lord for His goodness. What makes you happy? And as they say I truly do not look like what I have been through. Love Yall.



I want to share a few of my favorite dinner plates, each one was served in a different season with a different results, some was home cooked others was served from a restaurant but the ones I enjoy the most was truly the home cooked ones especially the ones my husband cook or those that had a special meaning to me. As you all can tell I love to eat, but the favorite one was when had Senior Citizen Girls Night out an that is the one at the top left and it was good. The second one is the one with the grandkids sitting at the table, they had came down to Georgia for spring break and my honey fixed it up for them. Which one would you chose as your best plate.



Dreams what are they? How do you accomplish what you dream? Do you believe that what you dream can be accomplished? Do you stride to fulfill that dream everyday? Do what you dream become your life goal? For me I believe my dreams are my goals, I want do something everyday that will lead me to accomplishing them. I try hard to make my dreams a reality, there is nothing more important to me than too dream big and succeed. I want my dreams to be my legend I leave my children, I dream big goals and I am trying hard each day to reach that goal. But I will never give up on my dream or my goal because one day I will make it a reality. No matter what your dream maybe never ever give up on yourself or that dream. Be encourage with every failure because it will bring you to your success. Be strong, dream big, reach high and never settle for less. Love Ya’ll



Hey ya’ll today it is all about the sweets, and just looking at these pictures makes me want to make a run to the store and get some. So, what is that favorite candy that gets that sweet tooth going, don’t be shame it make be the same thing someone else is craving right now, so join me and tell me that on sweet piece of sugar that gets you going , don’t be ashamed it might just be in one of these pictures or you may have it in your house, mines would be those gummie bears. Well I hope that sweet tooth won’t send you to the kitchen. Good night love ya’ll



Family the gift God has given us, such a precious gift. The Family, is a unit of love, growth, trials, tribulations, good times, sorrow times, celebrating and at times not even speaking. But no matter what a family goes through that unit has the ability to conquer the worse of the worse problems and still remain a powerful family unit. But I will speak about my family each of them are unique in their own special way, but know when to come together for each other, the trials and tribulations we have face is incredibly but we never gave up on each other. This last year may have been hard, but we must remind each other we can make it through this season. The joy I receive from my family is unexplainable, these moments and memories that I keep close to my heart. When one of us cries we all cry; when one of us struggle we all struggle because we realized no matter what happens in this life we are all we have. My family means so much too me that it will not be explain in this blog, but I pray they know how much there love keeps me going. The family is a bond that is not easily broken, because we have a love that bonds us together. Love Ya’ll

In Memory of the following:

Arlene V. Walker- My mom

My sisters: Rosalie Walker- Zoe Robinson- Andrea Walker

William Robinson: My Dad

Jerry Ratchford: My stepdad

Michael Evans 111: My son

Howard Reed: My Late Husband

Shirley Wilson-Fitz: My Mother-in-Law

Although these family are no longer here they still hold such a special place in my heart even today. I love you, all but I miss you more. And to any other family members I have lost along the way.



Oh, that four letter word LOVE, how it can really change a person, situation or atmosphere, how it touches your soul. Love can make all bad things look good, it can heal a broken heart, it will make you feel different inside, love has a way of bringing the wonders out of us. Think about it, only four letters but the power behind that word and what it can do if one is open to receive it. Love shown to anyone can have them rethink their actions in life. When real love is in the air, it can be contagious, it can make people change, flowers grow and life worth living if one will accept it. Today with so much going on lets take time to show the love that is in all of us. We can do this by passing it on in every thing that we do. Let’s just start by telling someone you have not told in a while that you love them and watch their reactions and this is how we can make tomorrow better.