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CHAPTER 58 I am just going to start out this way chapter 58 of my life has been filled with so many emotions, I could not figure who I was or where I want to go in this chapter of my life. People say your life has many stages and they each come with a…


Unique-It is who I am Yes, it is me and it has been too long again; letting the distraction of life keeping me from being in contact with you but never the less I am. My post today will be about my uniqueness and why I love I am different. The way I see things…


The Mirror: The mirror it is good to check and see how one looks and that everything is in order, but have you have see it as a self-examination or a way to check or your life progress. A mirror is a way to look at your progress of yourself, what needs improving or where…


THE YO(U) IN UNIQUE It is some amazing that UNIQUE would start with a “U”, have you ever given it any thought. That you are unique and no one can duplicate you, you see things in a different light, comprehend life different, what I might not like you make love. I love being unique because…


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I am an overcomer.
With God all things are possible.
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Hi, I’m Michelle. An author of a book title 100 Letters to God and working on next book unspoken Secrets. I am a Wife, mother, and grandmother. I spend most of my time with my husband and adult children. but this blog is for my love of writing and sharing my favorites with you!

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