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The Mirror: The mirror it is good to check and see how one looks and that everything is in order, but have you have see it as a self-examination or a way to check or your life progress. A mirror is a way to look at your progress of yourself, what needs improving or whereContinue reading “MDRF5363Author”


THE YO(U) IN UNIQUE It is some amazing that UNIQUE would start with a “U”, have you ever given it any thought. That you are unique and no one can duplicate you, you see things in a different light, comprehend life different, what I might not like you make love. I love being unique becauseContinue reading “MDRF5363AUTHOR”


MAKING A DIFFERENCE WHEN WE ARE DIFFERENT: I know we are all different we come in many shades, share different values, love differently, teach differently, and live different; I could go on and on about us being different. But because we are different does not mean we can not make a difference to someone else,Continue reading “MDRF5363AUTHOR”


OUR BLANKETS: Our blankets have so many uses, we swaddle our babies with them, on a cold day we chose a throw blanket instead of grabbing a comforter, when the winter comes in we prefer a goose down blanket for the extra warmth, or during our summer months we prefer a lighter spread, and ifContinue reading “MDRF5363AUTHOR”


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I am an overcomer.
With God all things are possible.
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Hi, I’m Michelle. An author of a book title 100 Letters to God and working on next book unspoken Secrets. I am a Wife, mother, and grandmother. I spend most of my time with my husband and adult children. but this blog is for my love of writing and sharing my favorites with you!

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