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THE START OF SOMETHING FRESH Have you just woke up one morning to just take in the beginning of the new day. Birds starts with a song, the silence of no traffic, morning coffee is brewing and the freshness of it starts the senses to going. It is the start of something fresh and new,Continue reading “MDRF5363AUTHOR”


Honor all the woman of the world I want to honor all women of the world and all the wonderful duties we bring to this world. If you are a teacher, mother, boss, author, fire woman, police woman, congress woman, no matter the career or status we are all beautiful human beings, we bring loveContinue reading “MDRF5363AUTHOR”


okay you have written that book, the first few months it did extremely well, the outcome of the success was better than you could have ever imagine, the money is coming in and friends and family are excited for you. You have accomplish that dream of being an author. but have you ever thought aboutContinue reading “MDRF5363AUTHOR”


I want to share one of my letters from my book titled 100 Letters to God: My Christian Journey in Jesus Christ because we all need a little inspiration. Letter 92: Let Us Thank God God, I am excited that You have been so good, that my heart is overflooding with joy for this. IContinue reading “Tears2Dry”


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I am an overcomer.
With God all things are possible.
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Hi, I’m Michelle. An author of a book title 100 Letters to God and working on next book unspoken Secrets. I am a Wife, mother, and grandmother. I spend most of my time with my husband and adult children. but this blog is for my love of writing and sharing my favorites with you!

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