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Happy Me 5363

I AM REACHING HIGH WITH BEAUTY I want you to know about a journey that I started about 3 years ago, I had no idea where it was going to lead me or how it was going to turn our. But that did not bother me as much as completing it. See I was aContinue reading “Happy Me 5363”

Happy Me 5763

You can not quit now. Your dream has to be as far as the sky, because you have to reach further and further, you must put in the work, you can not quit now. You are so close that you just can not even imagine just how close you are. You dreams are in reachContinue reading “Happy Me 5763”


Writing: Writing is a passion that relieves me from all that I hold inside. It frees my mind and soul. I am able to express myself in ways I can not explain, what my mind goes through once I became to write. I said maybe you are expressing yourself so boldly and people will judgeContinue reading “Happyme5763”

Happy Me 5763

Good Evening Good evening everyone pray your day went will and that we pray for our president and not add any negativity to a bad situation. It can be any of us at anytime so please send good vibes his way and let the The Lord handle the rest. With that being said my eveningContinue reading “Happy Me 5763”

Good Night

Happy Me 5763 Our day has turned into night, it is the time to settle down and relax from our busy day. There is so much noise in the world today that we forget to just take time to relax the mind. So before you head to bed just take a few moments and enjoyContinue reading “Good Night”

Reach for the stars

Happy Me 5763 Reaching for the stars, I never understood that concept until I made my dream a reality. And now I know whatever I want to accomplish is within my reach. To reach for the stars mean to stretch yourself to the highest that you possible can be. Look at how beautiful those starsContinue reading “Reach for the stars”

Happy Me 5763

I Missed You All: I know it has been awhile since I had made a blog but I was busy handle life. I have to realize that life has so many compartments and you just have to put them in order. But that is the challenge that I love about my life. Putting everything inContinue reading “Happy Me 5763”

Happy Me 5763

You Are Not Alone: I want to let you know about a young lady who felt nothing for herself, she always tried to live other people lives. She was an empty shell walking around life pretending because it made her feel good. There was no emotions and to consider herself special and unique was outContinue reading “Happy Me 5763”


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