2020 Memories

I know we have had some difficult times lately but what I want to share with you all are some of my best memories of 2020 and they start with just a few of my favorites:

  1. The ten dollars you see in my book is from my first book sale; I was so excited and bless with this talent. More to come.
  2. The Be-be bag and jacket came from my daughter Juanita for a birthday gift I am enjoying this gift up to this day.
  3. We lost my mother-in-law in September 2020 but the family find time to take that beautiful picture for more great memories.
  4. Henry my husband eating is one of the many places we go Waffle House and it was good.
  5. My how time flies looking at my handsome son( whom I lost in October but his love remains deep in my heart) and his sisters I love them deeply.
  6. IT’s cold out here Christmas 2020 and we decided to take this picture, family love.
  7. My granddaughter Ni’asia made this beautiful star and Da’Maya made this Christmas card they knew how to get to grandma.
  8. Before all the Christmas decorations are taken down I must take one more picture.
  9. I love this picture with me sitting in the middle of my grandbabies is a little older that 2020 but it has special meaning to me.
  10. Then there is three generations and what a proud moment for my husband as he is with son Henry 3rd and Henry 4th. Share your memories with me.


Life is a Present

Have you ever really sat down and thought about life? Do you find yourself rushing your days? Do you really absorb the moment? Have you really taken time out to enjoy God’s beauty? Do you ever put down your tech stuff and just listen to the beauty that surround you? Do you ever just live in the moment of time provided by God? Do you feel the wind blow on your skin? Do really feel the sunrays? Have you looked at how blue the sky is? Think about it Life is a present that we really do take for granted. Pick something out of your day and I mean really absorb the present. If you drink coffee really taste that coffee, if you are eating toast listen to the crunch, if you fry bacon I mean really listen to it sizzle. Just remember life is a present to be enjoyed on all levels. Pick you present moment in life and share it.


2021 IDEAS

It’s 2021 and I want to hear some of your great ideas about making your business better, your life more organize, how you making things better for the future, how will your life improve with God being first. I am working on a few things myself and when they are in works I will truly be sharing them with you all. So take time and share your ideas with me that I may learn from you all. Let’s bring some new, bright, refreshing ideas to the table and lets see how it goes. My first idea is to make my brand for my business, want to know where is the best place to start?


HELLO 2021

Hello 2021, we know that 2020 has been a very hard and an usual year, how we planned our year to turn out on January 1, 2020 has changed because of a Covid-19. Our hopes and dreams have vanished, it has been filled with despair, emptiness, depression, and yes even death and for some this will be a year to remember and some of us just want to forget it. So as we approach 2021 I want you to learn from 2020, life is short, family is more important than stuff, God must be center of our lives if we will manage in this year to come, death has robbed many hearts, but love has strengthen us and put us a little closer to each. The healthcare profession have went far beyond what was required of them. Yes, 2020 has been a year but God always make a way to make thing bearable. Put no pressure on yourself in 2021, live each day as if it was your last, find something to smile about and most important to end evil; lets spread the love of God around for a better tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for supporting me in 2020.


Saying goodbye to 2020:

Saying goodbye to 2020:

Saying goodbye to 2020 it has been an usually year. January, February, and part of March started out pretty normal, then in the middle of March life began to change. The world was hit with a pandemic, that has claimed many lives thus far, but it has not been all bad for me. I did lose my son my life will never be the same. As we realize 2020 has been different, it came with a lot of pain, a lot of social changes, zoom became a way of visiting, online shopping hit a high, and many are struggling just to make ends meet. But I will say God has been more than good to me doing this difficult time, I have not been hungry, without lights, or without money. God has supplied all my needs. So as I began to say goodbye to 2020 I will look at how God’s grace and mercy has kept me. I know many want this year over with but what I want to say is Thank You God for keeping me in such an uncertain times. I have no resolution or grand plans I am just going to let God have His way and continue to be my GATEKEEPER. Pray you have a blessed and bountiful NEW YEAR.


The Joy of Eight:

The joy of eight-my wonderful grandchildren, my world. I know I have talked a lot about my children and my life but here is the other joy that keeps me going. Yes, I am a grandmother of eight wonderful grandchildren and Lord knows these grandbabies keeps grandma living. There ages are 21, 19, 18, 14,14, 14,13, and 12 if I have it right. I did not know such a a beautiful gift from God would bring me so much joy in my life. I have watched as they have grown from babies to teenagers and young adult and they still make there grandma laugh. I get so much joy in seeing these babies even if it is for just a brief moment. I tell you these I am glad I am a grandma it the other half of my life that makes it all worth the living.

Here are just a few of those joys.


The hurt I can not heal.

There is nothing like the hurt you can not heal especially if it is your child. I can not take the pain away but I promise you I am here. I can not make you smile because your heart is heavy right now. I can not wipe away your tears because they are too many, but I promise you I am here. I can not change time but I promise you I will be there as along as you need me. I can not not stand to see my children hurt but I promise I won’t abandon you. The journey is heavy but I promise I will walk right beside you. I can not heal the hurt right now but I promise I can be there until it hurts no longer. To my babies

Rochelle Renee Robinson

Junita Elizabeth Jones

Darcel Tiakya

And in Memory always Michael C. Evans 3rd who is greatly missed.



Lion- A lion is a species in the family of Felidae and a member of Panthera. It has a muscular deep-chested body, short, rounded head, round ears, and a hairy tuft at the end of its tail. The adult males has a prominent mane.

I am Lion on a prowl and I will find my prey.

Now you are asking what is the point of this blog? Well let me tell you the point is I see my life goals like a lion is on the prowl for their hunt. The Lion just don’t rush in and chase it’s prey but it does it by blending in the environment and being undetected but it sees its prey way before the prey is aware the lion is just in reach of striking. Well for here on out that is how I am approaching my goals instead of telling about it every few days. I am going to prepare to strike and conquer being quite about what I am getting ready to set in motion. After the lion is sure the prey will be in striking range the lioness starts the chase with other lioness, wow think about that a woman starts the chase, Look out world this woman is starting a chase and when she is done, she is grabbing other women with her. I am going to be bold, strong determine, strike with power, and I will not let me goal get away from me again. If the prey is too much for the lioness then the lion comes and take the prey down. Look here I will not let this goal get away; I am going to grab it by the teeth and hang on to it. Me, the goal and the traits of the Lion. I will leave it at that for now.


The Goodness of God

I know what you saying, here she goes again something is going wrong in her life and she wants to vent. Yes, you are almost right. Today my heart is lead to speak on the Goodness of God in these sobering times. Because when you take a look back on your life and think of all the trials and tribulations God has delivered you from you know He is still near. Today should be a day when there is joy in your soul because if He delivered then He will do it again and again. What makes you think He does not have you under His wing of protection. So here it goes, if you awoke this morning and still here now praise Him, If you ate breakfast today and eating tonight praise Him, If you walked out of your house today and walked back in unharmed praise Him. Child let me tell ya’ll something I truly can go on and on with this one. When I just think about God’s goodness I get so excited, my fingers move like a train because I want to get out my head all that God has bless me with. Yes, like you I have shed tears this years, had a few obstacles but compare to what God has also done for me in 2020 those situations are minor. Because my God has shown His goodness towards me and I am thankful.



Let me tell you something about her, she does not need your approval.

She has found herself and realize how brilliant and beautiful she really is.

Her mind is focus on God and her goals.

Her family is extremely important to her, her life will not be the same without them.

She has many battles and wounds but she has never stop.

Her uniqueness inspire her to be the best she can.

If you take time to know her she will leave a very impressive mark on you.

Her past has helped her move into her future.

Look at her now she does not look like anything that she has been through.

I love her because that her is Michelle D. Reed-Fitz and I would not have it any other way.